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The National Center for Education Statistics at the U.S. Department of Education shows the increase in high school graduation rate.  More than 3 million students have graduated than in recent years which means, we are definitely heading in the right direction.

Most of the increase in graduation rates came from minorities. Hispanic/Latino students increased on average 8% and Black students improved by 9% since 2011.

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Why do Teens Drop Out?

Despite this improvement, many of today’s young people still face troubles that put them at risk. Without completing high school, these students will have a harder time succeeding in today’s workforce.

Students list many reasons for dropping out of high school and more than 27 percent say that they leave school for failing too many classes. Nearly 26 percent report boredom as a contributing cause and 26 percent say that they dropped out to become caregivers. Additionally, more than 20 percent say that school simply wasn’t relevant to their lives.

Other common reasons:
• Needing to make money to support their families
• Getting held back
• Using drugs
• Becoming pregnant
• Joining gangs

Warning Signs

What are the warning signs parents should look for?

Parents and teachers should look for warning signs such as:

Failing grades
Drug use
Sexual promiscuity
Gang activity
Ailing family members who require assistance


What contributes to Drop Out Rates ?

A small percentage say that they drop out because of school environments, ineffective teachers, residential instability, mental health issues, or getting kicked out of school.

Researchers have connected many of these factors to socioeconomic status. Students from low-income areas are 2.4 times more likely to drop out of school than those from middle-income neighborhoods. When students need to worry about necessities like food, shelter, and safety, they cannot expend energy on school.

Graduation Rate

Approximately 84%

The national high school graduation rate is 84% - an all-time high!


On average 65% of students with disabilities are now graduating on time.

15 Million  

There are about 15 Million children in the United States. 


Graduation Rate of children from economically disadvantaged families.


The rate of children that live in low-income families.


Percentage of children that live in families with incomes below the federal poverty line.

5 - 9 %

The average drop out rate for

Black and Hispanic youth.

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